Super Lintendo! Jeremy Lin Signs Get Creative…

Well, isn’t this well thought out. And cliche. I wonder what Whitlock has to say about this one.

Yesterday I said that the Kate Upton obsession is getting out of hand. The Jeremy Lin thing might be reaching that level, too.

The thing is, this is actually an awesome story. Over covered? Sure. At least this Linsanity is not only warranted, but extremely interesting. Bob Ryan nailed it with a Boston Globe piece yesterday. Ivy League NBA hoopers have long been rare. In the modern age, they have become nearly extinct.

If somehow Lin gets with Upton, the internet will explode.

I wonder if there is a large Asian-American community near the Bay Area. I think so. Yeah. The Warriors could use an attendance boost.

Lin has turned out to be an unfortunate missed opportunity for Golden State, who Golden State released earlier this season.

Mark Jackson spoke about this on the radio,”I was at Starbucks yesterday and a guy asked me about Jeremy Lin and Steph Curry and I asked him who was a better player. He paused and because he took the pause I just told him thank you, have a great day. Enjoy your cup of coffee.”

Yeah, Mark, but it’s about demographics and jersey sales. Not to mention; it’s much more difficult to use “Curry” in clever slogans.

  • David Baas

    Clearly, Stephen was able to Curry favor with Mark Jackson.

    • RDM

      Ohhhhhhh snapppppp — there it is!