Friday Night Lights; A Movie Based On A TV Show, Which Was Based On A Movie, Which Was Once A Book

I saw Friday Night Lights when it came out in theaters in 2004. It was the end of my high school career, for context. No, not as a southern gentlemen, football star — just as a high school student. I recall making fun of the story arch, because the damn team loses at the end. Don’t give me any “spoiler alert” shit. It’s been 8 years. If you haven’t seen the movie yet — tough.

All that notwithstanding, it was a solid flick.

Only a couple years later, I heard there would  be a TV show by the same name. Friday Night Lights was reborn. For a large portion of the next five years I heard how good the show was. However, I never watched an episode.

Just a couple weeks ago I pulled the pilot up on my Netflix. I gave in. I guess years of reading The Big Lead finally got me to crack (Jason McIntyre loved the TV show, as I recall).

I thought this could be one of those shows that I leisurely watch over the course of months and months. It turns out I might have to really blast through the five seasons of the TV show if I want to catch-up in time for more original content. Rumors are a script for a Friday Night Lights movie is almost done.

So — if I have this correctly — this will be a movie, based on a TV show, which was based on a movie, which was based on a book.

You people have made Buzz Bissinger a rich man.

Friday Night Lights hinges on the idea that people in Texas are obsessed with high school football. We’ve long known that the entire south shares this obsession. This concept has serious legs, apparently. Based on the track record thus far, the Friday Night Lights name has held the attention of the entire country for a substantial portion of a decade.

Grown women dressing up as high school cheerleaders will do that. So it makes sense. Good ole Buzz knew what he was doing, and NBC Universal knew when to buy in when they heard the “jail-bait” pitch.

I’m just thankful I was introduced to Minka Kelly. A 20-something playing a teen. It’s something ABC Family has turned into a business model. Oh, and no matter how much tail Derek Jeter gets, deep down he is thankful for Friday Night Lights as well.

You people can enjoy your Friday Night Lights II.

I have watched double the episodes of Blue Mountain State. At this point maybe I’m partial to Spike’s play on the high school collegiate football scene. When’s that major motion picture?

  • Captain A-hole

    Uh, think about what you just wrote in regards to Blue Mountain STATE. It's not a play on HIGH SCHOOL football if the name of the show is called Blue Mountain STATE. Just saying. 😛

    • RDM

      Good catch, captain.