Welcome To Conference Championship Weekend!

After hearing this, I’m so glad I picked the Giants so I can root against San Francisco.


Email Of The Week…

In the past I’ve posted comments from readers in the WTTW post. I have a gem from earlier this week. It’s from my mother.

I really enjoyed your recent stuff about the new internet law, gambling and
the salaries of  ??wrestlers??.

Wrestlers? It’s mixed martial arts, Mom! The meatloaf! Fuck!

It’s fine that my mother doesn’t know the intricacies of the UFC. However, the best (or worst) part of this email is how it reminds me of something a few of my non-sports-obsessed friends might say. Nerds.


The Sarah Burke Trajedy…

Sarah Burke died this week. The 29-year-old skier lost her battle after a horrific crash during a practice run in Utah. Burke was often regarded as the best female skier in the world. She was also quite the looker.

This is truly a sad one for the sports world. Our thoughts are with the Burke family.

Sarah Burke remembered as pioneer skier [CBS News]


It’s conference championship weekend. All you should be doing is prepping for Sunday. And I’m not just talking about the people of Northern California, NYC, Boston and Baltimore. People talk about the day after the Super Bowl as a slow day in America. This coming Monday can be right there, too. We’ve got two games this weekend, not just one. And these games are just about as important as the Super Bowl will be in two weeks.

I’m about as excited as I could be. I’ve been wondering the internets all week looking for hot sports takes. I guess, “What else is new,” right? I can’t hold back on this one. I have a thought on NFL.com’s Patriots and Ravens breakdown.

Edge, Baltimore? I beg to differ.

Football Outsiders does a DVOA special teams raking. The Ravens were 30th this season. The Patriots were 5th. Even if you read the actual special teams breakdown paragraphs above, I’m still not sure how the writer gives the edge to the Ravens.

Is special teams just kickers now?

Fine, I’ll play that game. If you look at the Football Outsiders ranking, which takes into account more than just place kicking, but break that out and you will see the kicking game for Baltimore is one of the worst in the league.

Or how about this…

Lets just look at percentages. Cundiff was 28th in the league in FG percentage this past season. He was literally a percentage point and a half away from being dead last.

These NFL.com staff writers are talking kickoffs? Kickoffs?!