The Top OWS Video Posts Of 2011

OWS is laying out the “best of” posts for 2011 for all to see. You can view the entire series here.

It’s been a big week for video here at OWS. It’s a great way to finish up 2011 — which was the first year we pulled original content direct from sports broadcasts. That gave us the ability to post high definition images and videos that other sites could not get. We are movin’ on up.

Our YouTube page has nearly 7 million views. Even better; every single one of our 23 YouTube videos is over 1,000 views. The majority have upwards of 10,000+.

As a note, for this year in review post, I’ve included an image and an animated GIF. We do all types of multimedia here. C’mon, get with the program. I start with the most recent, and the most viewed video of the past year.

Jerome Simpson TD Endzone Flip

It’s over 6 million views and still climbing. I didn’t think this would be the hit of the year, even as incredible as it was. I guess I’m just more into when TV personalities swear by mistake. That’s more my thing. More on that later.

Marshawn Lynch Gets His Skittles

I’m telling you — the best promo Skittles has received in years.

Corso Says, ‘Fugggit’

He’s just adorable, yeah?

Darrelle Revis’ 100 Yard TD INT, Complete With Blatant Pass Interference

This one got all the Jets yahoos angry. That is a great recipe for a top post. Click the image or link to view the animation.

Michelle Beadle Sucking On Linda Cohn

I’ll be honest now; the headline sounds a lot better than the image actually is. Click the image or link to view the original post.

Jaws Says, ‘Shaaat’

It was the first in the series of announcers cursing here at OWS. A new genre was born.

Jeremy Jacobs Destroyed Cam Neely At Bruins Victory Parade

Awkward. Jacobs is a buffoon. A world champion buffoon.

Did Joakim Noah Use The Same Gay Slur As Kobe?

I think I was initially quite proud of this one. This was near the very beginning of the OWS exclusive video thing. I had only just begun to see where pulling ridiculous videos could take us.

Andrew Bynum’s Clothesline On JJ Barea

I believe this was the first YouTube video I posted. For a while it was the most viewed, too.

Obsessed With Jon Gruden’s QB Camp

This is our only compilation video to date. It got OWS talked about on a morning drive sports station that pulls in millions of listeners. It might be something that we could do more of in 2012, but that’s up to a certain video guy.