Welcome To The Weekend!

Moneyball is getting fantastic reviews. Like, really good.

I’d give anything to hear the conversation between the guys and girls on dates to this movie this weekend.


Hp RE-invent…

The shenanigans at HP continue. Hewlett-Packard’s board ousted Chief Executive Leo Apotheker and named Meg Whitman, the former head of eBay Inc., to replace him. Apotheker was also the former CEO of SAP, prior to HP.

Here’s the best part. He will walk away from his very short-stint at H-P with a severance package worth an estimated $35 million in cash and stock, according to the Wall Street Journal.

[via WSJ]


Maroon 5 – “Moves Like Jagger”


These are the best games of the weekend.


I bet on UCF last weekend. Why?! No idea. I figured they could beat Fire Isiah University. But, no. Boy, I hope the Mormons stomp them. Stomp them!

8pm — UCF +2 @ BYU [ESPN]


I’ll be at BC watching them fall to 0-4 on the season.

12pm — Notre Dame -7 @ Pitt [ABC]

1pm — Massachusetts +11 @ BC [ESPN3]

3:30pm — Arkansas +11 @ Alabama [CBS]

8pm — LSU -6 @ WVU [ABC]

10pm — UFC 135 [PPV]

10:15pm — USC +2.5 @ ASU [ESPN]


Not a ton of great match-ups this week, especially for the 1pm games. I will just be watching Red Zone at 1pm in any case.

1pm –Patriots -9 @ Bills [CBS]

A couple of better match-ups at 4pm.

4:15 — Falcons +1 @ Bucs [FOX]

4:15 — Packers -3.5 @ Bears [FOX]

8:20 — Steelers -10.5 @ Colts [NBC]