Durant Drops 66 At The Rucker, Waves Bye To The Haters

I love running through the comments on something like this. The first take away is that everyone thinks that some of these grown men shouldn’t be dancing around at Rucker Park. Maybe a valid point. But, some of my favorites have to be from YouTube…

First, a little Russ. Westbrook hate:

If Westbrook passed him the ball, he’d be doin this in the NBA too


The 4 dislikes are from OKC Thunder executives and Russell Westbrook.

Not to mention the obligatory racialy motiveated comment:

I was too busy playing spot the white dude in the crowd to pay attention to KD. I lost btw.

Something else I noticed, too:

who’s the jag-off with the championship belt?

I bet there is nothing like this back in Oklahoma City. First we find out about Durant’s tattoos. Now this.

This can only add to the hype machine that KD is building. I’ve been buying all the hype that has been produced — it’s too much fun not to. It’s just good to see one of the biggest up-and-coming NBA superstars enjoying himself in this capacity. He certainly seemed to be having a good time, and he expressed that notion over his twitter feed later than night.

As Eric Freedman wrote in that Y! Sports post; Durant does have an edge to him. he is going to need it to take his NBA career to the next level. It’s not going to be as easy as dropping 60+ on some dudes from Harlem. All signs point towards Durant making that move to the next level of superstar-dome. Whatever it takes — the NBA needs it.

Maybe KD isn’t as squeaky clean as some people originally thought. He is more like the majority of NBA players than OKC and NBA executives might want to let us think. However, he still seems quite unique in many ways. From his lack of sleeves (tattoos), to his choice to re-up with Oklahoma before he had to decide to do so, KD is one to watch.

Right on cue, the next night, Durant put on a show for some hecklers at a Nike Pro City League game.

Cold as ice.

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