The Tampa Bay Buc’s Puzzling Free Agency Period

Going into this week, the Bucaneers had, by far, the most money to spend under the cap. And, with the new CBA, they have to spend to at least 89% of that cap.

So far, the Bucs have done a whole lot of nothing. Take a look:

According to Y! Sports, the team has had no truly key re-signings. The teams key arrivals? Yes, there is one. And, yes, it’s a punter.

The team did re-sign Quincy Black, Davin Joseph and Jeremy Trueblood this week. Those are not exactly “key”, I would be in agreement. So, what in the world are the Bucs going to do with all that cash?

They were rumored to be in the Nnamdi Asomugha sweepstakes. It makes sense, since they have so much cap space. However, would Nnamdi go to Tampa? He seems to be interested in playing for a winner. After spending his career in Oakland, can you blame him?

Nothing Tampa Bay has done would make Asomugha, or anyone else, think that they are trying to win. And remember; we are talking about maybe the best team not to make the playoffs last year. A ten win team, in fact.


Since ’96 the Bucs have only been under .500 four times. The resurgence of Tampa was one of the best stories of 2010. It’s sad to see the ownership sit on their hands. Owner Malcolm Glazer bought the franchise in ’95. He has somehow managed to put a winning product on the field for much of his tenure. That of course includes the 2002 Super Bowl champion team. I say “some how” because the fact that the Bucs have been a solid team for years and years is a bit mind-blowing. That said, it’s clearly been the defense that has kept them relevant. It fact, it’s really been all defense down in Tampa.

From ’96 – ’05, the team possessed a top ten defense every single year (based on points allowed). The team followed that up with two more top ten defenses in ’07 and ’08. It was a true defensive juggernaut in Tampa for more than a decade.

On the other hand, since ’96 the Bucs have placed a team with an offense in the top half of the NFL rankings (based on points) just once. That is — one time in 15 seasons.

Nowadays the team resides in a tough division, with Atlanta and New Orleans (Carolina — not so much). This was the teams opportunity to make a move. To do something for their fans. This free agency period was the time to make a statement.

After a 2009 that looked like the old bright orange Buccaneers of the 1980’s and early 1990’s, 2010 was a pleasant surprise on the field. I can’t help but wonder, if the team doesn’t pull the trigger on something, if 2010 will be all but forgotten after what could be a long season in ’11.

  • Laffin Says

    If you're a bucs fan… I'm sorry

  • Repo Man

    I don't see any mention of unrestricted free agents (UFA). Also, the only mention of re-signings is Quincy Black, Davin Joseph and Jeremy Trueblood — each player did re-sign last week.

    You are 100% misinformed, Scuba.

    • scubasteve4930

      You dont see any mention of UFA? Check what is in the paranthesis next to "Unsigned Players." Those would be the unrestricted free agents

      • RDM

        That's a screenshot directly from Yahoo! Sports, as is alluded to in the post.