Obsessed With Jon Gruden’s QB Camp

Tomorrow is the NFL Draft. What better way to prepare for the 2011 NFL Draft than to spend a little time with Jon Gruden? Jon Gruden, you ask? Yeah, you know, the founding member of the Fired Football Coaches Association.

I feel bad for these poor QB’s that had to deal with Gruden. They very kindly agreed to do some PR with ESPN — “Oh yeah, sure I’ll sit down with Mr. Gruden.” I doubt they realized they’d have Gruden chasing them, yelling at them, and just downright harassing them. Boy are we glad they took one for the team though.

If you get a chance to watch Jon Gruden’s QB Camp, I’d take it. If they replay it, DVR it. It’s gold. We literally had to leave out some good footage due to some time constraints. I mean, there was no shortage of material for this. If you didn’t see these episodes, you probably think we doctored or tailored these clips — that is hardly the case. This stuff writes itself when you have a man like Mr. Gruden on the mic.

After you watch our video above, go back and watch it again. Take notice of the little things that Gruden is saying. The man is off his rocker. Good heavens I hope he shows up at Radio City Music Hall tomorrow night. He might literally rush ESPN’s set, like the first clip in our video, if they don’t invite him to be part of the coverage.