From The Bleachers 3.17.11

As the end of the week approaches, a pair of OWS contributors banter about some of the important (and not so important) news items of the week.

What happens in the bleachers, says in the bleachers!

…biggest losers in this post-NFL apocalypse.

I say it’s Chad Ochocinco. Without his distracting football career, I think people might catch on to the fact that he’s not really all that interesting or entertaining. Really, I need an app to look at pictures of Ochocinco trying on earrings?

Speaking of media moguls — the biggest losers are Les Moonves and CBS. They really like to shove there Monday night comedy line-up down our throats on Sunday. How am I going to know when CSI: Stillwater is on?


Is there anything clever left to bracket? Advertising sites do brands. I saw a Nascar writer seeding race car drivers. I even heard a rumor that there is a women’s NCCA basketball bracket! I’m surprised Deadspin didn’t do an “athlete dong” bracket. They didn’t… did they…?

Yeah, and the worst part is it’s always someone who’s totally clueless who wins those things. You just know someone’s secretary or mom who knows NOTHING about Greg Oden’s fire hose is gonna win the Manhood Madness bracket on Deadspin.

…Las Vegas.

Strippers, gambling, and boot-shaped margaritas aside, there a bunch of great things about Vegas. My favorite’s the extra oxygen. I swear it’s impossible to be totally hungover when your essentially living in an Anthony Gonzalez-style oxygen tent. Honorable mention to the street teams of Mexican illegals flicking the cards on the sidewalks.

I love that Anthony Gonzalez is the athlete you align with the hyperbaric chamber. You left Celine Dion off your list, by mistake I assume.  Wait, that’s why we are going right? Newsweek says she could “save” Vegas. But, now, who can save Newsweek?