AOL To Layoff FanHouse Employees

AOL’s CEO Tim Armstrong had some news regarding AOL’s new restructuring. That news touched the FanHouse brand, which is AOL’s sports website.

Going forward The Sporting News will supply most of the articles for FanHouse. It is being reported that, in accordance with this new Sporting News deal, up to “two dozen of AOL’s FanHouse employees will be laid off”.

Editorial control for the new site will belong to The Sporting News. Advertising will also be controlled by Sporting News, however all traffic for the new site will belong to AOL.

FanHouse has built up a large rather massive staff over the past couple years. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean those two dozen people will be from the editorial staff, that is a large cut back.

Personally, I have always been a FanHouse reader. I really enjoyed the old straight blog-style format that was in place until the last year to year and a half. However, even after changing to the new, more magazine style format, the content was often still stellar.

Looking at there staff, it does become quite evident that it is bloated. There would seem to be an unessential amount of people and cutbacks may be a necessity. If AOL can’t save FanHouse, this would just be another causality in AOL’s online-content portfolio. If that is indeed the case, there may be some big free agents available in the sports writing / blogging world this Spring.

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