Welcome To Coaches Vs. Cancer Weekend!

In a few short hours we will make our way to the mecca — Madison Square Garden. There we will see three top 25 teams battle it out in the 2K Sports Classic to benefit Coaches Vs. Cancer.

Friday night is home to the championship games as well as the consolation game. However, the “consolation game” is not exactly named appropriately. This is because it is as important or even potentially more important than the championship game. These are big time games that can lead to marquee wins for the schools involved.

Last night No. 4 Pitt beat Maryland while No. 22 Texas beat No. 16 Illinois in a mild upset. This means Pitt and Texas will play in the championship tonight, while Illinois and Maryland will try to get a quality win in the early game.

You can read more about the Coaches Versus Cancer program here.

I will post some type of recap next week.