Mike Singletary Does Not Like That “Dad-gum” Yahoo! Commercial

If you have not seen this yet, the interview starts around the 1:40 mark and is well worth your precious time.

Dennis O’Donnell is the man interviewing Coach Singletary. I feel for this guy. Mike Singletary really lost me here. — he has dropped several notches as far as my respect goes for this man. The Coach should not feel he has theĀ  right to belittle a member of the media like this. Due to Singletary’s fit, O’Donnell has since been relieved of his duties for this joint 49ers-KPIX “Coaches Corner” show in San Fran.

O’Donnell even backs down once Singletary goes off the deep end. In fact, O’Donnell did a great job here considering he is dealing with an insane person.

Coach Singletary looks like a jerkoff here. Not only that but, at this rate, he and his Niners are going to single-handedly raise the unemployment rate in California.

O’Donnell appeases Singletary and changes gears and asks the coach about Alex Smith and Singletary replies, “Alex will be fine Monday night. Watch the game and you will see that Alex will be fine.” He is then told that coach wants to talk about the Saints. Thus, he asks about Drew Brees. Singletary gives another gem. “We will not try to stop Drew Brees(notes). We will stop Drew Brees. Next question,” Singletary exclaimed. Finally, Singletary just flat out interrupts O’Donnell in the middle of another question; “We will not try to move the ball against New Orleans’ defense. We will move the ball and we will score.”

Today, just a few days after this madness aired, Singletary fired the man in question in this interview offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye.

Lastly, I’m nearly certain that Singletary doesn’t know what the internet is. He refers to the Yahoo! Sports article as that “dad-gum Yahoo commercial” and later says I don’t want to “talk about this Yahoo. I think he thinks that Yahoo is a person or maybe he is thinking of the chocolate drink.