Red Sox Really DO Want Johnny Damon Back

‘Duk over at Big League Stew brings up some good points and asks if the Red Sox really want Johnny Damon back.

There are certainly reasons to doubt Boston’s desire to add payroll (even if only for a month). There is a good chance the Red Sox are already out of the AL East race. The Wild Card could slip away during any series at this point.

However, I think the Sox front office has made this move due mainly to potential monetary and PR benefits.

Besides adding a much needed additional body to their injury depleted outfield, this potential addition will also get more interest from Red Sox Nation. This is actually quite important to the Red Sox organization at this point.  They hope that this acquisition can get Boston talking Red Sox as the attention during August is increasingly shifting towards football.

If you need proof of the apathy of the fan-base just take a look at the ticket prices at Fenway:

Tickets at Fenway do not tend to get this low. Ever. At the low end of their respective range, the next 10 games have an average price of just $14 per ticket.

Of course, getting fans to the ballpark is just part of the teams concerns. Cable ratings are important to the Red Sox as well. The Sox have not been doing so well in this area all year. Ratings for Red Sox games in the first half of the season fell over 35% from the same period last year.

Thus, I do not believe that Boston is simply blocking Damon form going to another contender such as New York. The Red Sox stand to benefit as an organization if Damon ends up back at Fenway. It’s a small risk for a potentially sizable reward. As we just leanred from the case study in Pittsburgh; baseball is a business and business want profits.

Damon has a no trade clause. He will make his decision sometime in the next 36 hours or so.

The Red Sox don’t really want Johnny Damon back, do they? [Big League Stew]