NFL Division Over/Unders 2010: AFC South

This division has the potential to be very tough. At the same time, obviously, there are the bottom feeding Jacksonville Jaguars who do not seem to be doing anything anytime soon. Maybe the Jags have a shot if they pack up and head west as Ari Gold’s Los Angeles franchise.

This is my first division with three over picks. This is also the first division which I really have some conviction regarding two of the teams. One of them is a stern warning to stay away, and the other is a huge “bet the house” alarm.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans are a crap shoot in my opinion. They might be one of the teams I would most like to stay away from regarding over/under. There is just too much of a question mark with that team — especially at the quarterback position. I can’t be certain that Chris Johnson will run wild again and carry that team as he did for the second half of last season.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Back to the Jags; I can’t see them winning 8 games. No chance. As opposed to the Titans, this might be one of my favorite over/unders thus far. This is a good division with steep competition¬† — you can’t convince me otherwise.


I will close out the AFC with the AFC West tomorrow.

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