LeBron Deals With Being The Most Famous NBA Player In The World

You have likely already read (or at least heard about) Arash Markazi‘s controversial piece about LeBron. The piece has since been removed from ESPNLA.com by the worldwide leader. Darren Rovell has the story (or lack there of) regarding why the piece was pulled.

I can’t help but think about LeBron’s public image. How did things get to this point?

The whole “decision” special on ESPN, and the overall mishandling of leaving Cleveland, need to be put on LeBron’s handlers. I suppose this is what happens when you create your own marketing agency. It would seem that LeBron needs some older, more experienced people in his inner circle.

That is the key. LeBron can’t manage himself. No NBA players can manage themselves — let alone the biggest star in the league. Mistakes will be made if the proper checks and balances are not used. I believe this is what we have been witness to over the last few weeks.

However, people are going as far to write about how LeBron is not “laying low”. Why should he? At the age of 25, would you lay low after getting that big promotion? No, if you have money to blow chances are you are going to go out and enjoy yourself. That being said, if LeBron wants to be that billion dollar brand, then he can’t put out an image that is centered around partying.

That’s where the problem is — I’m not sure who LeBron is on the court anymore and now I’m not sure who he is off the court.

On the court; maybe he was never the next Michael Jordan. Instead maybe the reference should have always been to Magic. Off the court; does LeBron want to be pre-2009 Tiger? That’s the way to get those massive sponsorships — a squeaky clean image.

Not to give LeBron a major out, but these are all things that the people are him need to do a better job of managing. In your early twenties, could you manage a billion dollar brand? Think about it that way.