The Blueprint For Greatness; Jay Z And Mikail Prokhorov First To Meet With LeBron

This is the mural being painted right in midtown. Although impossible to tell at this point, it is of rapper Jay-Z and new Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov.

The Nets have not been talked about as much as the Heat, Bulls, Knicks or even Cavs in the past few weeks. I once stated that they might be a front runner — that was until they missed out on John Wall.

Still it isn’t necessarily a bad situation.

According to Yahoo Sports! LeBron James is planning to invite six teams to meet him over the first three days of free agency. The first team to get to speak with James is indeed the Nets.

Word is that, yes, both Jay-Z and the Russian billionaire will be part of the Nets team that will make the first presentation on July 1 around 11 AM in Akron.

Lastly, here is a lesser quality but more complete picture of the mural:

You can see the likeness of Jay-Z coming together.

This is a crapload more interesting than the C’mon LeBron campaign from the Knicks. It’s not even close. Prokhorov and Jay-Z are infinitely cooler than Matt Lauer…

Nice try though, Knicks.

[photo via NESN]