Yes. No. Maybe So. LeBron To Chicago Might Be A Done Deal, Or Maybe Not…

The chances of us actually finding anything out before July 1 are, realistically, very slim. However, this weekend the New York Times, and subsequently ESPN, published reports stating that… a report… stated that… LeBron to Chicago was all but done. Follow?

In fact, the reports even claim that it would be a LeBron and Bosh package that gets done.

These are reliable publications too. If you can’t believe these publications then who can you believe? I just wanted to know who these incredible sources were…

The source for all these reports was one anonymous NBA executive.

Really? This could end up being the most asinine report from a major outlet in a long time — mainly due to the manner in which they allowed the weekend headlines to be written. Jonathon Abrams is the Times reporter who got the scoop. “I think it’s a done deal,” the executive told Abrams. You think? How does that become simply “done deal” for the headline writer?

So, are all of the “LeBron to Chicago ‘a Done Deal'” going to really look dumb in a week? ESPN has already pulled any such language from their front page.

And, last night Bosh’s agent released a statement saying that no decision has been made.

There is a lot of posturing still to be done. The Knicks and Nets are meeting this week with some of the major players in this saga. Again the Mavericks and Mark Cuban have been thrown out there as a potential out of the blue LeBron contender.

Maybe Chicago is a “front runner” like the original Times articles actually states. That said, the whole “done deal” thing may be a bit premature.