Glen Davis Is Confident Celtics Will Win In LA Thursday

As a Celtic’s fan, I don’t think I have smiled much since Tuesday at around 9:30. That was until I read this from the “Ticket Stub”:

“I love it. This is what it’s all about. It’s what you guys are going to talk about for years. You guys are going to remember this moment. You’re going to remember Thursday forever. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to step up on the floor and win here in L.A.”

The Celtics need to come in with the swagger and confidence they had back in Boston, as well as in game 2 in LA. They could cave and let the game 6 dismantling get to them, but that is not theway Baby sees it. “My approach to this game is that I’m too blessed to be stressed,” Davis said. “I don’t worry about that. We’ve got a Game 7. This is not faith. This is free will. We’ve got to go get it. You can’t pray to God and say, ‘Oh God, help me’ and hope that we win. That’s why I say you’ve got to go get it.”

Not only am I OK with Big Baby’s quotes; I love them. There is not motivating factors here. This is game 7 and the talk is over. It’s all on the line.

As a bonus I think I have a new catch phrase — “too blessed to be stressed” … that’s awesome.

After Lakers win, Celtics’ Glen Davis bounces back, talking smack [LA Times]