Police Release Ben Roethlisberger Evidence Photos

Holy crap, how drunk does Big Ben look in this photo?!

Admittedly, Roethlisberger doesn’t look nearly as trashed in the other photos. It could just be a bad shot — it happens to all of us.

You will notice that in this, and all other photos, the face of the alleged victim, a Georgia College and State University student, is blurred out. I would have gone with this girl. I bet Ben wishes he went with this girl. Based on this picture, I highly doubt she would have pressed charges.

I know what everyone is really wondering; what the heck is “Georgia College and State University”? So, it’s not the University of Georgia. It’s not Georgia State University. Never heard of it. The Georgia College and State University Bobcats are actually an NCAA DII school. Their basketball team went 22-6 this past season.

I’d love to know if applications increase after this… not the basketball season… Big Ben’s discovery of an apparent hidden gem of a college town.

[photo via The Smoking Gun]

  • richie6

    I know someone who went to Georgia College and State University. Dumb as bricks. One of the dumbest and most ignorant people I've ever met. While I won't pass judgment on the university as all being ignorant and below average. I will pass judgment for them allowing this person into their institution.

    Ugh, makes me made even knowing him.

    • richie7

      Makes me made too. He must have been pretty stupid to be dumber than not just one brick, but multiple bricks. Thanks for your input, man. You sound purdy smart.