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This is a story and a half. Adam Wheeler has apparently been lying his way through college ever since being kicked out of Bowdoin for “academic dishonesty” (plagiarism). Shocking.

Here is Wheeler’s resume.

Apparently Wheeler got into Harvard after not disclosing his record at Bowdoin, but rather saying he studied at MIT. This past fall, Wheeler allegedly submitted fraudulent applications for the Harvard endorsement for both the Rhodes and Fulbright Scholarship.

This is where he got caught.

His lies have included a perfect SAT score as well as perfect grades while at Harvard. Both have been since proven false. He also claimed to be co-author of numerous books with Harvard professors. Again, not the case. But how’d he get caught?

Harvard faculty reviewing his scholarship applications saw these red flags. They called a home number for Wheelers and spoke with Mrs. Wheeler — his mommy. Mom had no idea what her son had been pulling and turned him in.

As the Boston Globe put it;

A portrait emerged yesterday of Wheeler as a bright young man with good, though not stellar, grades, who inexplicably felt compelled to fake his way through life after graduating from a public high school in rural Delaware.

It seems as if he got into Bowdoin on his own legitimate merits. However, after getting kicked out for plagiarizing, he decided why stop there.

Ex-Harvard Student, Adam Wheeler, Pleads Not Guilty to Charges of Fabricating Academic History [The Harvard Crimson]


In honor of Asher Roth’s new video, here is his “Rik Smits” video. I know, I know… “Asher Roth! WTF!?” I’ll tell ya, for those of you who counted him out after “I love College”, some of his mixtape songs are actually really good. As a bonus; a good amount of sports references.




8:30 ET – Magics @ Celtics [ABC]


8:30 ET – Lakers @ Sunds [TNT]