Cleveland Fans Sing ‘We Are LeBron’

As if you weren’t sick of all the LeBron talk in the media — now this garbage.

As if I didn’t want LeBron to ditch Cleveland already… now I REALLY hope he does. I stated earlier that I felt bad for the fans on Cleveland as they have been through a lot. I feel bad no longer.

I’m OK with the media’s infatuation with LeBron. I understand it. However, I can’t get over Dwight Howard’s infatuation with… Dwight Howard.

This segment might have been my personal tipping point. I don’t think I like Dwight Howard. I’ll even go as far as to say that I agree with Shaq. It’s kind of weird that Dwight has ran with the whole “Superman” gimmick. I think another Orlando center already trademarked this, Dwight.

Stop swagger jackin‘ people Dwight!

[pic via TBL]

  • Nick

    “Been doing it 18 years straight. Hakeem, Ewing, Rik Smits, [Tim] Duncan, [David] Robinson, the best of the best, straight up.” I love how in the espn link Shaq pays his respects to Smits as one of the best centers…..thats class. Howard is a chump!!