Duke Beats Butler; What A Disappointment

It was a great tournament this year. A tournament that was even capped by a great championship game. However, in the end it was a disappointment. The bad guys won.

I can’t help but wonder how a Butler national championship win would have changed the game of college basketball. Think about the championship games of this generation since UNLV blew Duke out in 1990. There has been only one team in the last 20 years, besides Butler, to even make a national championship game. That team was Utah in 1998.

So, where do we go from here?

I don’t see Brad Stevens jumping ship immediately. Not so much because he has Butler in his heart but rather because there just aren’t great jobs out there. He isn’t going to take the job a Boston College. He’d be insane to. What about Oregon? More of a chance but I still say no way.

What about Coach K? Is there any chance he leaves Duke?

There is not a chance Coach K goes to the NBA. There is less of a chance he ever coaches somewhere else in the college game. He could potentially walk away from college coaching and concentrate on the USA team and other ventures.

What happens to the Butler basketball program?

They will likely have everyone coming back including coach. They will be a top 10 preseason team, potentially even top 5.