Welcome To The Sweet Sixteen Weekend Of March Madness Starring Gus Johnson!

We were spoiled last night by a couple of good games out in Salt Lake City combined with the amazingness that is always Gus Johnson.

Friday night’s games are broke down, like a old Chevy Lumina, after the jump…

7:05 — Tennessee Vs. Ohio State

The Vols are looking like that power conference team sneaks under the radar and shocks us. NO ONE is talking about them. I think that Tenn. will keep it close. However, I said earlier that I will take Evan Turner’s team in any close game.

7:25 — St. Mary’s (CA) Vs. Baylor

I’m all over Baylor and have been for weeks. I ain’t stopping now. St. Mary’s has a very good big man. OK–Baylor has about 4. No chance here. Lock it up.

9:35 — Northern Iowa Vs. Michigan State

I think UNI has the best chance to “shock” the world tonight. Michigan State is hurting. They are a wounded animal and it UNI beats then down early, MSU will not stand a chance to make a come back.

9:55 — Purdue Vs. Duke

Lets talk spreads here. A massive +9 for Purdue. It can’t be too often when you see a near double digit number in the sweet sixteen. I like Purdue getting those points. These boys can still play without Hummel.


This is Donna Simpson. She embodies the spirit of America. She wants to be the best, the greatest of all time, she wants to be unforgettable. Specifically, she wants to become the heaviest woman in the world. She currently weighs a measly 604 but wants to hit 4 digits.

She already holds the record as the heaviest woman to ever give birth when she weighed 532 . Now I understand why birthing doctors make so much money! Imagine being that poor bastard…?!

If you must read more (and I know you want to), not surprisingly, the Daily Mail has some of the best coverage. They love this stuff.

The super-sized 43st mother who is determined to become the world’s fattest woman [Daily Mail]



4:30 — Kansas St. Vs. Butler

7:05 — West Virginia Vs. Kentucky

10:00 — UFC 111


The exact times for the Sunday match-ups have not crossed my desk yet. BUT, we know they are coming so don’t make plans!