Chicago Teen Has The Perfect Bracket

As I tweeted previously, there are no perfect brackets out of over 4 million ESPN.com brackets. In fact, the leaders on ESPN now have multiple games incorrect. That is not the case for a Chicago area teen.

Alex Herrmann currently has the first perfect bracket I have seen this year. The odds according to BookOfOdds.com are 1 in 13.5 million of picking each of the sweet sixteen teams correctly. Alex has done it.

Here is what Alex’s bracket looks like:

Look at that elite eight; it looks totally feasible. Beyond that, anything is possible. I think I am just going to start rooting for things to turn out the way Alex has picked.

Oh, and by the way Alex is autistic.

I do want to mention that NBC called CBS but they did not return their calls to confirm that this bracket is indeed real. I believe it though — maybe mainly because I want to. Here is a clip of NBC’s interview with Alex:

Someone take this dude to Vegas!

Autistic Teen Picks First Two NCAA Rounds Perfectly [NBC Chicago]