Welcome to the Weekend!

It was a big week for the nerds out there. Apple unveiled it’s new tablet PC, the iPad. Of course it is much more than just a tablet PC. It has it’s own internet service provided by AT&T, it’s an iBook reader and will be functional to use Apps similar to the iPhone.

This gives us a glimpse of where we are going in the next several years. An all-in-one mobile device that is our phone, internet source and a toy with every meaningless App you can imagine. Farmville anyone?

If only it had been out for Oden to use to cover up. Apple is known for their marketing expertise. I think the image to the left could be a nice start.

…I had to acknowledge the Oden dong photos at some point. This seemed as good a time as any.


The Boost Mobile Shuffle
This week I got an email from a marketing firm which is helping to get the word out regarding Boost Mobile’s Super Bowl promo. They are doing a parody of 1985’s “Super Bowl Shuffle”.

My take; anything with Ditka has a chance at being entertaining.


Red Field Blue Field…I-AA powerhouse Eastern Washington is moving forward with a project to install red turf in their football stadium. This is of course in the vein of Boise State’s very recognizable blue “smurf turf”.

One of the coolest parts of the story is that former EWU player Michael Roos, now a Tennessee Titans, has pledged $500,000 toward the project. I love to see players have some pride and give back to their schools. That is especially the case when the player, like Roos, is not a superstar.

According to Matt Hinton, the NCAA has no provision addressing the color of playing surfaces.

I air on the side of caution and purity often times. Yet, I don’t have a problem with this. This could get out of hand though if more and more schools want to draw attention to their football program. For now — I likey.

[H/T Wiz of Odds via Dr. Saturday]


Around The World
Put this on the list of crap I definitely wouldn’t want to do. Abby Sunderland is trying to become the youngest person to sail around the world. That junk sounds dangerous.

I will say that Ferdinand Magellan was my favorite explorer growing up. Of course, his claim to fame was being the first to circumnavigate the globe.

I guess there might be some dispute regarding this claim, but when I was in 5th grade doing a book report that was fact.

Good luck to Abby. I picture her in a little 15th century explorer outfit similar to the one Ferdiand is rockin’ here.


Only On eBay…
There are 3 front row Super Bowl tickets up for bid. The kicker is that the proceeds go to aid Haiti and the relief effort. The auction is scheduled to go until Feb 1st.

As of Thursday afternoon, the buy it now option is at $21,978. That is about $7k per person. I see someone doing this — maybe even by the time this gets posted.

If not, and you are loaded, go over and bid. Obviously it’s for a good cause and more importantly you get to go to the Super Bowl. Lastly, the seller has labeled them as priceless. So I guess 7 grand is a steal!

[via eBay by way of @darrenrovell1]



1:00 – Duke @ Georgetown [ESPN]
Obama will be in the house according to Jeff Goodman over at FOX Sports. It must be a big game. Two top 10 teams going at it.

4:00 – Vandy @ Kentucky [ESPN]
Vanderbilt is #24 and Kentucky is #1, at least for the remainder of the week. Watch for how Vandy shoots the 3-ball.

6:00 – Charlotte @ UMass [ESPNU]
Go UMass!

7:00 – Northwestern @ Michigan State [B10]
The only BCS school never to make the big dance — Northwestern. This could be the game that breaks that streak.

7:00 – Harvard @ Cornell
One of the biggest Ivy League games in years. Cornell has a legit argument at getting an at large bid. A loss here would likely all but end that argument. Harvard has nice wins over BC, GW and William & Mary.

7:00 – Kansas @ Kansas State [ESPN]
The nightcap — a battle for the state and it takes place in Manhattan this Saturday. I said it before and I will say it again; K-State is one of the most underrated places to watch a game. Hopefully they can hang with KU!


We have the Pro Bowl and the Grammy Awards. Lots of hype! But how much substance?