NBA Dunk Contest; No Lebron, No Surprise

Scoop Jackson brings up a question over at ESPN; Why is LeBron not in the dunk contest? During the broadcast of last year’s competition, James announced that he would be in this year’s contest.

Today the NBA released the names of the participants and there is definitely no LeBron. Instead we have Shannon Brown, Nate Robinson and Gerald Wallace with a “dunk-in” between DeMar DeRozan and Eric Gordan for the fourth spot.

I know I am not surprised that James’ name is absent and I find it hard to believe that Scoop is shocked either.

A big tip of my hat to Scoop Jackson for calling LeBron out on his lie and a big wag of my finger to LeBron. C’mon man.

Where you at Lebron? Where you at?

Why isn’t LeBron in the dunk contest? [ESPN]