UFC Coming To Boston; Fenway Park Possible?

fenway-parkIt took more than a month after the Massachusetts state legislature approved a bill regulating mixed martial arts, but Gov. Deval Patrick signed it into law this week on Monday. This bill will rework the state boxing commishion and clear the path for a UFC event.

At the end of this past summer Dana White expressed interest in having an outdoor event in historic Fenway Park.

I’m not sure how close this actually is to happening. I have a feeling that the owners down on Yawkey Way have not come even close to signing off on such anevent taking place in their park.For the past several years smaller fight promotions such as the WCF have been running shows without actual state oversight. This “legal gray area”, as Chad Dundas at The Rumble puts it, was always difficult for me to understand. I have attended these shows and could never express a reason behind why a smaller promotion was allowed to operate while the UFC was locked out. Well, I still can’t express such insights but those days are apparently about to come to an end.

I was thinking that Fenway is a small baseball stadium. But, obviously the 37,000 seats is much larger than the average American arena that the UFC usually frequents.

It looks like Boston could be home to a mega-fight this upcoming summer. Dana White, who grew up in Boston, feels the same way; “I am so pumped that the UFC  is finally coming to Massachusetts.  I guarantee that we will put on an incredible UFC event for Boston in 2010,” White said earlier this week.

UFC Targets Boston After Mass. OKs MMA [The Rumble]