Mayweather-Pacquiao Superfight Almost Finalized

mgm-grand-boxingApparently Mayweather has agreed to the fight. Now promoter Bob Arum is making a trip to the Philippines to get Pacquiao to do the same. This is from a Yahoo! Sports souce via Kevin Iole.

I thought that if one of the two fighters were going to be a pain to deal with it was going to be Mayweather. This is a good sign. Assuming that the financial terms are fair, I can’t see Pacman having much of an issue with signing this thing and making it official.

Now for some more specifics. It is being reported that Las Vegas, Dallas and New Orleans are the final cities in the running to host the fight. I don’t recall hearing New Orleans but I knew Dallas and obviously Vegas were on the potential slate. I have already heard that promoters are looking hard at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium and the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Dallas and Las Vegas respectively. It looks like it would be the Superdome in New Orleans that will be the third choice.

In addition the date of March 13th is looking like the date as of now. There is the potential for it to get pushed back, but this thing seems to be coming quick.

Start the hype machine. I have already stated how this will be the highest-grossing boxing match ever. Even beyond that, beyond all the hype, it has the potential to be a good fight.

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