NFL Week 11 Betting Preview


8:20 – Miami @ Carolina -3 [NFL Network]

For a game with two 4-5 teams, this one is a bit more interesting than you might think. Both teams have wild card aspiration at the very least. The -3 point spread is given to the Panthers because they are at home, showing that it is believed that these teams are evenly matched. I like the ‘Phins to go into Carolina and get an important win. Plus, you can’t go against Dolphins cheerleader Lilly Robbins.

The rest of the games of note if you…


1:00 – Buffalo @ Jacksonville -8.5

Buffalo just lost their head coach this week. Jacksonville is also a team on the rise. This could be a recipe for disaster.

1:00 – Indy @ Baltimore -1

The Colts didn’t look great for the better part of Sunday nights battle against the Patriots. Maybe more important though was the will they showed to win late in the game. The Colts look good–hard to bet against them.

1:00 – Atlanta @ NY Giants -6

If you have the balls to bet on the Giants, you have my respect. I don’t have the heart to deal with that team any longer.

cardinals-cheerleader4:05 – Arizona @ St. Louis +9

The Cardinals play well on the road, in fact they are 5-0 this season. Although their competition has been less than great, the Rams are also a bit less than great. Could be a big day for Warner as the new greatest show on turf coems to St. Louis.

4:15 – San Deigo @ Denver

There is still no line for this game. It’s so rare to see this happen this far into the week.

8:20 – Philly @ Chicago +3 [NBC]

I heard a stat a few weeks ago, something to the effect that McNabb was 0-7 in Sunday night primetime. The Eagles just don’t show up in big games. Do I think they are the better team? For sure, 100%. But it’s stats like that and the old memory bank that make me nervous about McNabb pulling out a win.


8:35 – Tennessee @ Houston -5 [ESPN]

These are two teams that are good at beating up on mediocre teams. But, what will happen when they faceoff? It’s a perfect storm of awful television. I am certain that ESPN is thrilled–they aren’t quite getting the 13-win Titans team of 2008.

Houston is the better team at this point. A blowout victory against Buffalo last week still doesn’t say much for the Titans. The Texans have played better of late and against better competition including a game they should have won against the Colts.