Courtney Fortson’s Twitter Suspension

courtney-fortsonI feel for Fortson. When I first heard that the Arkansas PG was being suspended for something he said on twitter, I figured it must be something pretty egregious. Well, here is what he said:

“Im gettin it at workouts like a dude who doesnt understand the word no from a drunk girl lol”

Is it the most correct thing to say, no. However it seems that some of the other circumstances surrounding the Razorbacks bball program weighed heavilly on their decision to suspend Fortson.

This tweet came in the midst of a trial that pit three University of Arkansas basketball players against a female student who claimed that she was raped at fraternity party. Fortson’s tweet came a few days before it was announced that the basketball players would not have charges brought against them.

So, clearly a dumb move on Fortson’s part. This might be the most unfortunate twitter-disaster yet. We need an offical word for these “twitter-disasters” by the way. In the case of Fortson, I suspect he willbe playing by the time SEC play rolls in. I don’t think they can hold him out that long for saying what he said.