Tim Lincecum Pulled Over With Pot In Car

tim-lincecumI don’t know how it took so long but it finally came out. On October 30th at around 8 AM former Cy Young award winning pitcher Tim Lincecum was pulled over in his 2006 Benz for going 74 in a 60 just north of the Oregon border. Upon inspection of the car officers found 3.3 grams of marijuana.

Shocking. The 25-year old in this photo smokes a little pot?! No way.

I want to know why police decided to search Lincecum’s car. Either Tim was ripped out of his mind, the car reeked or Tim and company were stupid enough to have “evidence” in plain view. No Oregon cop is going to have Tim Lincecum step out of his car for doing 14 over the speed limit, unless there was something else sketchy going on.

Also odd is the fact that it took nearly a week for this to hit the news. I guess people aren’t swarming around Oregon looking for tabloid gossip. TMZ needs to set up some camera men near the Oregon border. Get on that!

The 3.3 grams is far below the minimum of 40 grams before possession is classified differently and would carry a more severe penalty. Thus, the charges against Lincecum are going to be misdemeanors for both the speeding and the possession. These charges are certainly not a big deal but this might be a wake-up call for Tim. You got to cover your ass better if you are a franchise player.

At the same time, I can’t believe Lincecum couldn’t get these officers to look the other way. The NBC affiliate in San Fran is saying that of the two officers on the scene one did recognize Tim’s last name. What the hell is the point of having the ability to throw a 100 MPH fastball if you can’t speed down Oregon roads high out of your mind?!

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  • Dan the fuckin Man

    Who the fuck cares? It's not news that he smokes. I got pulled over with 3 ounces in my car, told the cop I had it, and he let me walk and KEEP the weed. Who cares. It's not like he's doing meth or crack (lolamywinehouse). It's not like marijuana is bad for you.