Beckett And Red Sox To Meet; Is Beckett Overrated?

josh-beckettYesterday it was announced that the Red Sox and Beckett are going to meet to discuss his future. Reportedly, the conversion is starting around that fact that he is very happy in Boston. Also yesterday came a piece published by Dave D’Onofrio, of the Concord Monitor, saying that Beckett might be a bit overrated.

I have been a huge Beckett fan since his days in Florida. However, this notion is something that I have thought about for a season-plus now. If you look back at his ERA’s over his career they might look more like a borderline number two starter rather than a bona fide number one.

I think I know the main reason for Beckett being considered to be one of the top two or three pitchers in the game the last several season. His post-season record.

Up until 2008, Beckett’s post-season record was incredible. He helped lead the Marlins over the Yankees in 2003 and the Red Sox to their second World Series in 2007. In those post-season games Beckett had an average ERA of 1.48 to the tune of a 6-2 record.

In 2008 the injury bug hit and affected his post-season performance. He recovered for the majority of the 2009 regular season but lost his only post-season start this past September.

If Beckett was the post-season wrecking-ball of old then his 3.79 career regular season ERA looks fine. It’s his recent lack of post-season success, both individually and collectively, that has some people wondering.

Beckett’s current deal has a $12 million club option for 2010. So, he presumably will be in no rush to make a hasty decision about his future.

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