Terrelle Pryor Repin’ The Mike Vick Eye Black


It came out long before Pryor ever committed to Ohio State that, not only was their game similar, but Pryor was a friend of Michael Vick. Family never dies–and on the opening weekend of the 2009 season Pryor was repin’ ‘Mike Vick’ in his eye black.

Enjoy your day of college football!

  • Buckeye 217

    I am an avid OSU fan. I could not believe my eyes this afternoon when I saw “Vick” written on Terrelle Pryor’s eye black. I sure hope that he doesnt act like Vick off of the field. I’m not sure it was a smart move for him to “advertise” his supposrt for such a piece of garbage.

    • HOKIE

      you are a poorly spelling, closed minded person who apparently doesn't believe in a thing called a SECOND CHANCE. Sure Vick did terrible things but everyone deserves a second chance. And as for Pryor, he can support who he wants and if you weren't so closed minded, unforgiving person you would understand that, I'm a big TP fan too but c'mon man it's just eye black leave it alone.

    • ert

      I bet you feel like shit now that mike Vick has proven him self worthy of a second chance…Again shows why people should nt be close minded 😛

  • Raoul

    What a moron.

    • yeah

      i would rather be moron then moroff

  • Karen

    I noticed that too. Thought I was imagining it. I really don’t want to have to dislike Terrelle….but what a dumb move. Vick is a thug.

  • Troy

    leave him go he s just like vick and vicks his role model

  • Greg

    Thug? Don’t think so. The justice system and judgement has run it’s course. The sentence was served and time will tell if Vick is truly reformed. So far so good, just open your minds. I don’t believe Vick’s conviction was for life.

  • Pam

    Are you kidding me. Of all the people you could support Terrell picks a piece of shi– like Mike Vick. Get real. Tressel should have more control over his team than to let Pryor represent OSU in that way. After all Vick did do his time, but he did electricute dogs and saw nothing wrong in it. Where is everyone’s personal convictions, over whether or not someone can throw a ball? It’s a sad day for all OSU fans like me who are animal lovers.

  • Chris

    Pam, Who are you to judge. Have you ever made a mistake? Yes. We all do. No matter how big or small. It’s not up to you to judge how another person chooses to make his decisions. If Pryor wants to support Vick during his difficult journey on this earth so be it.

  • Amanda

    I would hardly call abusing animals a “mistake.” It takes a depraved human to hurt and wield power over the helpless. It sickens me. And it sickens me that our team would allow him to show open suport for the likes of Michael Vick.

  • Chris

    Amanda, What punishment would you prefer for Mr.Vick?

  • JP

    Chris, it’s not about Vick’s punishment. That has been decided. This is about Terrelle Pryor, a college student, opening choosing a convicted felon as his apparent role model….and Ohio State seemingly supporting that decision and Vick. It was a poor, poor decision from many people.

  • Josh

    Who freakin cares? Dog fighting might be tasteless to some, and obviously illegal. But Vick knew his punishment and got it.

    So many child-molesting, drug-dealing, disease-spreading, piece of garbage athletes and celebrities are still celebrated. But Vick is worse than any of them? I don’t think so.

    Before you start crying about other people’s choices, take a step back and examine your own.

  • Bob Mayhew

    Classless act that coaching staff and university should be ashamed of. A convicted felon is being touted by one of their players and they don’t put an end to it??? I’m no longer a fan of OSU football. What a lesson for the young people who have these players as role models.

  • Jamie

    I uderstand that Vick might have made a mistake. However, hanging dogs from trees is not a mistake no matter how you look at it. But if people believe that it is a mistake, Tressel should not allow his players to promote Vick. That is not a good representation of OSU!

  • Real Talk

    Why in the world is everyone so critical of Mike Vick? First of all, for everyone to be on their morality high horses is just ridiculous. I’m in no way condoning what Mike Vick did, however he served his time and deserves a second chance just like everyone else including yourselves if you were to commit a crime. I don’t see anyone crying about horses being put to sleep or sent to slaughterhouses when they are no longer able to race due to injury inflicted by their owners but I guess that’s a cultural issue huh? If he supports Mike Vick as a person and a football player good for him, I’d rather be supportive then be judgemental since going back to morals that is the moral thing to do. But I’m sure the judgemental people will disagree.

  • Jamie

    Vick’s so called sentence was a slap on the hand! Any other regular person would have had a harder sentence. Still doesn’t dispute the fact that Tressel should not have allowed Pryor to promote it. What Vick did was wrong our courts said so, if some one wants to take a chance fine. But by supporting him it shows what kind of character Pryor has

  • Real Talk

    Until we are without sin let’s quit the pulpitting

  • Jamie

    I learned in church u shouldn’t turn your cheek

  • Real Talk

    I don’t think anyone turned their cheek, the man served his time he has apologized, and most importantly he is taking the necessary steps to correct his actions as best as he can. Why kick a man when he is down? It seems like he has no chance at redemption in the publics eyes. I learned in church that anyone can be forgiven for anything including killing someone or something.

  • Jamie

    Again, what Vick did is done and over, I have a problem with ANYONE who supports that kind of behavior, including Pryor and yourself!

  • Real Talk

    you are forgiven…

  • Real Talk

    …and no one is supporting that behavior…I CLEARLY said I’m not condoning his behavior…I am supporting a human beings chance to correct his erroneus ways

  • Jamie

    Thanks God

  • Real Talk

    lol good one……………….

  • OSUgrad04

    I graduated from The Ohio State University and if the athletic department supports the Mike Vick eye black, then I am ASHAMED of The Ohio State University. Stupidity is stupidity. Why would you support a person of low life character, that of Michael Vick and allow your players to support him. Stupidity!

  • FAN119

    We used to think that Maurice Clarett was a role model but i saw tons of people in the stand wearing his number….. Don’t see how this is anydifferent.

  • ralph c

    this has nothing to do with this post. i just came to check the website out because some drunk kid told me about it in boston, i like it though. I like Laffinsays favorite athletes, good stuff.

  • Buckeye 217

    Everyone who seems to think that Michael Vick should not be “judged” is as sick as he is. Yes, he served his time, but any other person who isnt famous would have gotten a much harsher punishment.

    By the way, to the poster who said that there are much worse people out there such as child molesters and murders. Child molesters and murders get there “start” with abusing animals. So, educate yourself. You can’t rehab a child molester and you can’t rehab a person who has ZERO regard for life.

    I’m so sick of you idiots saying “oh he made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. He said he was sorry.” PLEASE! A mistake is not killing dogs. It’s a mental defect.

    He should be banned from the NFL for life. Awesome role model. There are “regular” people serving more time in prison for lesser crimes. All this teaches kids and morons is that: You can screw up BIG TIME. But, if you’re famous, just say your sorry. Then, it’s all okay!

    Get your head out of ass. Killing is wrong, period. If God wants to forgive Vick, that’s between Him and Vick.

    He should not be allowed to play anymore. And Ia m disgusted that JT would allow his player to use the Buckeye’s as a way to promote such a deviant. Great way to represent OSU.

  • Jamie D

    I was bummed. It is unfortunate that Tressel did not stop this.

  • Lucy

    I believe the issue isn’t Mike Vick or convicted felon or animal abuser – put that aside if you can (it’s hard …). The issue is a college football player blatantly advertising his allegiance to something – anything outside his school/team/self. It would have been equally as tasteless if Pryor had been sporting “Brett Favre” or “Applebees” on his face. I’m waiting for next week, when Brandon Saine will have “Rent This Space” on the back of his jersey.

  • The Truth

    Let’s put Vick’s crime into perspective…he killed animals…not saying its right, but 99% of the people on this site eat animals…just because they were dogs that he killed everyone is SOOO offended…get real…the deer that people hunt, the birds people kill…the list goes on about defenseless animals killed for no reason, so GET OFF VICK’S BACK and let the man live his life…or go protest in front of a hunting store…

  • Kelly

    WOW “The Truth”!!!! You are quite possibly the STUPIDEST excuse for a human being I have ever observed! For you to compare slaughtering animals for the purpose of consumption to the torturing, maiming, electrocuting, hanging, etc. of dogs for the purpose of entertainment is BEYOND ignorant. I agree that not all hunters or slaughterhouses are humane in their practices, but as a whole, efficiency is key. Only a sick, demented individual with too much time on his/her hands would take pleasure in the slow, grotesque abuse of a helpless creature.

    I second everything that Buckeye 217 stated. What Vick did was no simple “mistake”, and yes, I will judge. I have never had thoughts of killing, hurting, abusing anything! What makes me the most ill is to think that I paid my tuition to a school that would allow a player…a QUARTERBACK no less, with his face constantly on the screen, to use OUR stadium as a pulpit for his personal beliefs. By doing so, he put words in the mouths of Buckeyes everywhere. He is a paid representative of The Ohio State University, not some walking billboard for his own personal attempts at controversy.

  • osu osu osu

    all dogs go to heaven.

  • Nate

    Someone ought to wake Tressel up. Why would a coach allow this?

  • http://n/a Carl
  • http://n/a Carl

    Sorry, here’s the sweet hi-light tape of vick that was produced by Hi-Lights.com back in the day.

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  • jimmy

    Pryor and Tressel should be kicked out of the program . Call OSU president Gordon Gee at 614.292.2424. Pryor gives new meaning to the term dumb jock…..here’s a new term…thug jock. The players should not be allowwed to put any messages on the eye black. In the football program yesterday there was a picture of Laurenitis with Jesus Christ on his eye patch. It shouldn’t be allowed in a public institution.

  • Jessica

    All I have to say is I have been part of a college football organization and coaches do have control. It was poor of the coaching staff to NOT have control over it. For a school to allow a player that is that much in the media and obviously on national television to cross that line is a little extreme. Our players were not allowed to even write on their tape. If they had to for luck they did between tape layers. UNIFORM for a reason. So apparently either the coaching staff has no control over Pryor or they are allowing him to be a personal ad for HIS own beliefs – either way NOT a smart move.

    Vick is a felon, yes he did his time, however, it wasn’t a “mistake” he knew what he was doing, did it anyway. He also lied to the judge – so while he did his time, I feel he was more concerned about getting to play – and unfortunately he does. MOST FELONS DON’T GET GLOWING SECOND CHANCES. So for everyone backing Vic saying leave him alone…think of all the other felons you would steer clear of and not want living in your neighborhoods – they did their time, so don’t they deserve a second chance??

  • http://MV dal

    I DO 2

  • bill

    its pathetic how soft people are getting, so what he reps vick, how does it concern ur life, it doesnt, just like the kid from boise state gettin laid out, he shouldnt have been jawin, he deserved it, but most people would be smart enough not to hit him, but he still deserved it,

  • Sam

    I am amazed at how many people will say “Vic served his time”. The truth is we have a College Quaterback supporting a convicted felon and our kids look up to this! Also, if any of you had any life expereince you would know and understand how many of our young back men come out of jail with a felony on their record and CAN’T get a good job. Vic comes out with a felony on his record and becuase he has a talent that we like he gets to make millions!!!! What is wrong with the morals of this world! Vic should never be aloud to play football again for money.

  • V

    why the fuck is everyone such a drama queen? Yeah he fought dogs for some cash fuck it……do you guys realize how many hood niggas do this shit everyday? He was just involved with wrong people oh welll stop thinking he is so worthless and its just football not ur lives

  • jake

    people need to shut the hell up. There are far worse things he could have done than this. Yes wat vick did was wrong but he served his fucking time leave him alone. Pryor was just showing support for someone who is trying to turn his life around, I don’t think he did it because he wants to be like mike

  • Tyler

    Jamie you are an idiot. The last nfl player to be caught with dogfighting was given conditional probation. Vick was given a sentence far from a slap on the wrist and was blown up even more with PETA’s influence on the case. He served his time and then some, and is making steps every day to correct himself. Some of you people act like he deserves life in jail, its moronic.

  • keon

    we all know vick did wrong and vick even knows he did wrong but since serving his time he has changed his life aroung u can call him a thug or whatever u wanna call him but people that say that just make him even more hungry to succeed in life so all haters keep hating on vick cause ima die hard vick fan and im only 17 years old and ive been for vick since day one mistakes and all if God can forgive him why cant all of you? so when your team steps on the field with the eagles they better have a gameplan to stop number 7

  • tanaka

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