DirectTV Vs. Versus

VERSUS LOGODirectTV has a rather comical FAQ on their website regarding the Versus debacle. For those who do not have DirectTV; DirecTV’s contract with the Versus network was up on Aug. 31. All weekend Versus scrolled a reminder that “Versus may be removed” from the satellite provider’s lineup after unsuccessful negotiations.

DirecTV has said that Comcast allows other distributors to carry Versus at much lower level of distribution.

They regularly try to charge us amounts well in excess of what is fair and reasonable to carry the programming they own. Their reason is obvious: they want to stifle competition from DIRECTV.

I didn’t know Versus had the power to wield such a heavy stick. Although the UFL season is right around the corner! There is some serious leverage in contract negotiations.

DirectTV also reiterates that you need not switch from DirectTV:

Should I switch to DISH or cable?

If Versus is what your Cable/Satellite subscription hinges on, I would like to have a word with you. You need a little less Bull Riding and a little more substance in your TV diet.

In response to DirectTV’s press release, Comcast simply issued this:


Versus on DIRECTV [DirectTV.com]

  • Jody Grissom

    I agree with Bob Hoyman!! Who cares about one person’s opinion, hockey is played in more countries than any other sport. Bob, the world agrees, hockey is the greatest game on earth. With respect to Direct TV, I like Mike Nekuda’s post. I am an 8 year subscriber of Direct TV in Florida and they have bent over backwards and stood on their head to make my wife happy (not an easy task). We get the largest channel package at the smallest package price. Their sports programming is far superior to any other network, BUT, they alienated their subscribers. They can no longer own that claim if they choose not to air hockey, after all, it is the most widely played sport on earth. I will pay more for versus, it’s the only channel I really watch. I say we all start ruffling feathers at the FCC, and Direct TV Public Relations. My name is Jody Grissom, and I’m a hockeyholic. I need to here those infamous words….. “He Shoots, He Scores”!!

  • Jody Grissom

    Just saw this on the NHL forum, not sure if it’s true, but, it sounds like a major corporation’s way of thinking to me..

    As to DirecTV vs Versus — this isn’t about Versus raising fees, it’s about DirecTV cutting distribution. It’s been confirmed by both sides that there is currently an offer on the table for a 0% price change for DirecTV to keep carrying the channel. The key point of disagreement is DirecTV wants to move the channel into the $12.99 Sports Pack add-on, and Versus is demanding the channel stays tiered in Choice Xtra. Moving the channel to the add-on sports pack would result in the loss of millions of channel subscribers, losing Versus significant advertising revenue but gaining DirecTV more revenue for every subscriber who ponies up the $12.99/mo to get Versus back.

  • Frank Dicken

    Hockey on Versus and not on Direct TV is absured. Need I remind Direct TV that they shouldn’t advertise the “TOTAL SPORTS NETWORK” if they are not going to bring back Versus.

    Hockey playoffs are right around the corner and I’m just about ready to pull the trigger and order the DISH NETWORK. Quite the bulls**T and get this resolved. I was planning a hockey party night with several of my Penguins and New York Ranger friends but we are not watching it at my house. Here’s a thought, Drop the shopping network, and several of the FOX one sided news programmings and bring me Versus. We’ll call it even!!

  • jack preble

    I followed my team NHL team all year on Direct TV’S excellent Center Ice Pkg. BUT, how am I going to watch my team in the playoffs? What do you mean Direct TV does not offer Versus? You mean I followed my team to the playoffs, just so I could NOT WATCH THEM AGAIN? CMON!

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  • Howard Geiger

    If Direct TV is so interested in not paying more for Versus because they are protecting their subscribers then why have they kept the price of the package the same as it was before. It seems to me that they should reimburse their customers the price they were paying for Versus or they should ask the hockey fans if they would be willing to pay the extra money for Versus.
    What does everyone think of that?

  • August Schott

    I started taking Direct Tv because I love bicycling and their coverage is far better on Versus than any where else…the Tour de France is watched at least 2 times every day it is on….I have to pay for all the religious crap that I’d never watch and sure not pay for if I had the option….I am presently looking for other ways to watch the Tour de France and shortly plan on canceling Direct Tv, unless something happens fast….they didn’t give me a price break when they quit carrying it…..the whole thing with Direct TV sucks!!!

  • William Baker

    Hockey…yuk…I love sports but Hockey,..no way for it is as boring as watching a golf game, grass grow or any silly female sport. I would rather suffer through a Slick Willie telethon of lies or have someone hold a gun on me and force me to look at the Muslim fanatic socialist terrorist lover Hussein Osama Obama. Hockey sounds like something cows and horses do to relieve themselves in a field. In other words…Hockey sucks like politicans, who live in America or Chicago.

  • http://paytvconsumer.com John Seymour

    The bigger point here is Versus, as a primarily funded by advertisers, should not be charging anything to have their service rebroadcast. If they want to charge the consumer as subscribers (either directly or through third party packages) they should remove or limit advertising on their service. All this double dipping is just plain bad for the people footing the bill, and if it does not stop it will only get worse.

  • http://www.animarena.com Nathanael Angelos

    Une fois de plus tu partages avec nous un super article. Toutes mes felicitations.

  • Gary Chapman

    Hey, I agree with William, hockey sucks, so does soccer and Obumbler. ‘Nuff said.

  • http://www.haloreachranks.com Pieceibperi

    Hi guys just would like a review on direct tv is it worth it? etc thanks.

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