Welcome to the weekend!

erin-andrews-ny-post-peephole-coverageIt’s been a bit of a crazy week in world of the sports media. First the whole Erin Andrews thing hits the fan. Then the NY Post publishes photos from the video when even most sports blogs stay away from doing so. Then ESPN stands up for EA and bans NY Post reporters from ESPN’s airwaves.

Also, the LeBrons James tape(s) emerged. Oddly TMZ got worked and bought a crappy, blurry version while something called EbaumNation.com got a much better version.

Also this week, ESPN decided they are not going to report on Big Ben being accused of sexual assault. They finally caved in late Wednesday night saying, “…we’ve been observing how the story has progressed, monitoring other news outlets, and doing our own reporting. We decided to report the story tonight.” It still is not in there top ten NFL stories on ESPN.com.

There is a similar gag order here at OWS.


Sports In Google’s Top Trends
After being at the 6th, 7th, and 8th spots all at the same time by Monday afternoon, Erin Andrews hit #1 by Tuesday and has been sitting there for the majority of this week. An unfortunate accomplishment for the ESPN sideline reporter.

Also making the top 20 was Felisha Terrell, the ex-fiance of Terrell Owens who made an appearance on T.O.’s new reality show Monday on VH1. Felisha is/was a Ford model.

The term ‘Super Bowl’ made its way into the the 20’s this week. I suppose people are looking for picks on who might be the early favorite.


Yoga And Drunk Persons

The above picture is an example from a new blog via some creative, Russian minds. The site matches pictures of drunk people with yoga positions.

Here are some more via ChicagoNow.com.


Boise State gets $1.25 million from Virginia Tech
And that is guaranteed. That will make it one of the highest payouts ever. Quite frankly I don’t 100% understand VT’s motive. My guess; they wanted to play a non-BCS team that was good but not great and to lock it up they had to shell out the cash-ola.

Beyond the money, it the end it should be a good game for both teams to have on their respective schedules.

I guess this is the kind of stuff that gives those naysayers regarding college athletic finances some ammo. For Tech; you would think they would be able to pull a similar game without shelling out so much cash. The thing is, their athletic programs success is what gives them the ability to make this “purchase”. For Boise State is one of those WAC teams trying to make a name for themselves against the BCS schools. So they come out way on top here.

Boise State Game Officially Announced [TechSideline.com]


Spurrier Did Not Give Tebow First Team Vote
The mystery on the lost Tebow vote is finally over! After every coach at SEC media day had to answer the question, it finally came out that Spurrier was the “guilty” party.

He claims it was an “over-site” and that he meant to vote for Tebow. Spurrier on numerous occasions has claimed to still have a spot in his heart for the University of Florida. After all, it is were he won the Heisman and won a National Championship.

Spurrier comes clean on the missing Tebow vote [Campus Confidential]



As for sports this weekend; I got nothing. So much nothing in fact that I will be at the AC Milan-Inter Milan game at Foxboro on Sunday.

I can’t relate to that. If you can, the game is on ESPN2 at 5 EST.

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