Chris Collinsworth On NBC's Sunday Night Football

collinsworth-michaelsYou are looking at the new NBC Sunday Night Football announce tandem of Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth.

I have to say I was shocked when I read this. Not Madden retiring and not even Collinsworth replacing him. Rather, I am shocked in regards to the joy that this brings Will Brinson over at Fanhouse.

Brinson writes:

Collinsworth’s move from the studio with Bob Costas to the booth with Michaels is a tremendous win for anyone that enjoys primetime football. Not only is Collinsworth — in my opinion — the best announcer in the game, period, but he and Michaels immediately become the best 1-2 combo in a football booth that we’ve seen in years. It’s a nostaligically difficult day for football, but it’s also important to recognize the “new beginning” factor here, because Sunday night just became a lot more enjoyable.

Personally, I can not disagree more strongly. I think Collinsworth has proven to be a below average announcer. It was one thing when he was doing NFL Network games that no one could even see, for him to have the Sunday night games certainly does not make them more enjoyable in my opinion.

Cris Collinsworth Replaces Madden [Fanhouse]

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  • Joe

    Chris Collingsworth stinks. NBC is replacing a legend with a slug that didn't even get reviews on the NFL network. He stunk on Fox and stunk on the NFL Network. Are we going to be FORCED to listen to this guy?

    • Michael

      He will never replace the MADDEN…..but what is up with the freakin mexican language……Should we check green cards of the score keepers on the TV……..That is so bull…I thought we were in US of A…

    • Marsha

      Chris Collingsworth is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!

  • cyndy

    I agree Chris stinks–he reminds me of Joe Thiesman–goes back to all about when he played. He also isn’t very objective about the Steelers, you can see the disdain. There are so many others that would have been a good match for Al Michaels. I won’t enjoy SNF like before.

  • Michael

    Chris is absolutely terrible!! His comments during Thursday nights Steelers – Titans game were worthless. No, less than worthless. Bad choice. Very bad choice. He would do much better handing out towels in the restroom for tips. Get rid of him.

  • Sandy

    Thanks heavens No More Madden – I think Chris is much better!

  • CK fan

    Chris stinks. He is always voicing his opinions which almost ALWAYS prove wrong during the game. He’s negative, and makes fans ANGRY to watch football with his idiotic comments. NBC, wake up and smell what’s sticking to Chris’ shoes! Get rid of this bozo!

  • Peter

    Collinsworth and Michaels both suck. Their coverage is biased and they are gay for Peyton Manning. They ought to at least try to remember that they are just mediators of the game, not fans. Their personal opinions and likes are not what we the fans want to see and hear. But then again, it is NBC, what do you expect?

  • SeaDiver

    Collinsworth and Michaels both suck BIG TIME. I thought a sports announcer was supposed to report on the game not be a biased SOB. I can’ even stand to watch the Ravens anymore because of those stupid idiots. And when I do I have to turn the sound down. They make me sick. Even when they they “try” to be nice they’re still a-holes. I hope they get fired soon.

  • Gary Bullett

    Collinsworth stinks, I was watching the Sunday night game Dallas V Redskins. I know the Skins are not playing good ball, but please a little respect. Anyone who listened to Chris would think he was Homo for Romo! and the whole Dallas organization. Sports announcers should not be biased. Madden was the best.

  • Dirk Beach

    I love watching FOX with Bradshaw and Long, so I was glad to see him leave. I think he left because he couldn’t handle the ribbing from those two guys. He would get visibly upset when either of them would disagree with him and razz him about it.
    Now, the topic at hand. Let me be perfectly clear. There is NO replacement for Madden. I once heard him get all excited because a player could spit through his face shield without hitting the bars. Was hilarious. He knew the game like no other. But, to try and put Collinsworth in for Madden? That was just disrespectful to Madden. He has lived up to it being lousy and has really stunk up the joint. I do not like ANYTHING he has done. Ever… A big wussy with a P.

  • Old Schooler

    He makes Frank Gifford look exciting. I miss that fun lovin’ oaf, Madden.
    Please take note: Chris doesn’t talk about his costly fumble in the SuperBowl.

  • Scott

    Chris Colin s worth sucks. He was a bad player that was on a good team. Sure he knows about the game but Martha Stuart would be less annoying talking about knitting than he is announcing the games.

  • scott

    chris collinsworthless is the most boring and i cant stand to watch a football game he is involved with

  • Joe Morrow

    BOTH of these idiots are arseholes!!!! That, along with the EXTREMELY biased officiating, is a bunch of CRAP!!!

    Any "official" is more than welcome to reply to me!!!!!

  • FootballFan

    Sorry you morons, Chris Collinsworth is a great announcer. Madden was great too and he is missed! Those that say he sucks are just morons. You want lame announcers, go to the ESPN there are plenty there. There are some great announcers out there, many former football greats. Yeah, some former NFL players aren't so great at announcing, but they know more about the game than armchair qbs, weekend wantabes, and he sucks morons. I have been watching football since 1958, I have never missed the play-offs, I enjoy this as much as anyone. However, just as much as I would like to see some changes, like full-time paid refs, a play-off for college football, and fewer stupid stupid interviews (the PManning commercial is a good jab at it), I know that I have seen some progress and only hope they keep free NFL and NCAAF available to us that can't afford to pay for cable or dish. You little minded boys and girls that like to berate others are pathetic, especially those that like to threaten others. As for last night's game even though it was sub-par record teams, it was still good to watch.

  • FootballFan

    Ok, I played football in High School and lettered, played in College for a short time before my ankle was destroyed, and have been a fan for 50+ years. Football is a sport and a game. There is nothing profound in it, nothing to get all bent out of shape about it, nothing to ask how did you feel to drop the ball or score a touch down (the answers are fairly obvious) and nothing to get so mad you forget the players, coachs, fans, and refs are all human. OK, the refs are less than human, but don't hit them too hard. Wait, I refed for a few years too…don't hit them!

  • B Staubach

    Hey Braylon Edwards pushed off on that last catch that put the Jets in position to finally beat the Colts.
    The refs didn't call it. No one (before, during or after the game) said anything about that? Why?

  • Judge Dread

    Chris Collinsworth is a moron.. I have to turn the sound down just to watch the game. I'd really give good money if he would shut up…

  • http://www.facebook.com/jlasario Joseph Lasario

    Why is Chris Collinsworth so concerned where the ball in Andrew lucks hands are when he slides into the endzone at the end of the first half. He needs to be more concerned where the ball is when andrew luck is touched not when he goes down, the play is over when the player is touched by a defensive player. As long as no one on the defense touches Luck and he does not go down by contact he can roll swim or backflip into the endzone. If luck falls down and gets back up and runs that play is ok, not just when his knee touches the ground.

  • jim weaver

    Chris, don’t foget Hanoi Jane for ur vet choice

  • ravens fan

    chris, they really need to take you off of the Ravens games. I am from Baltimore and I am so sick of you bad mouthing the Ravens!!!! You as an announcer are supposed to be fair to both teams. Give the Ravens a break…..will ya???????????????

  • NFL fan

    Chris Collinsworth is one of the worst announcers in sports. He make false statements and states his opinions as facts. We often hit the mute during Sunday night games. It sad that NBC cannot do better. I never thought a signal announcer could ruin so many good games or match-ups. If you agree with me go to the NBCsports page and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on NBC sports feedback and send a response. Maybe and hopefully they will listen to some educated NFL fans and replace him.

    • edwardgore

      I really agree with you NFL fan.

  • Mygolf1

    Chris is, in my opinion is the worst announcer NBC has ever hired. What a joke! I honestly think he is “Gay”

  • snake-in-the-grass

    Collinsworth is an idiot, who is this Will Brinson retard? The Collinsworth / Michaels tandem is joke, two total idiots who can’t shut-up.

  • edwardgore

    Not trying to bash CC but he needs to stop saying things like”…the hardest hitter….,the best player… the greatest player…etc….” Like I read that someone else said, “stating his opinions as facts.” Just call the game as it is! Call it like Al does. To me Al is one of the greatest football announcers. I really enjoy Al.

  • edwardgore

    Yeah…chris really IS biased.