Matt Cassel heading to Motown


Today is the first day in which teams can franchise players. Each team has the ability, each year, to use only one franchise tag. The salary the team will be paying is based on the top 5 salaries of the previous year.

This year the quarterback franchise number is $14,651,000.

I can tell you what will happen unequivocally; the Patriots will franchise Matt Cassel. I have said it all along.

So after franchising Cassel, assuming the Patriots will at least look into their trading options, what teams might be looking for a quarterback? How about Minnesota, Kansas City and Detroit. Now, what are these teams options at QB?

For a team such as the Lions or Chiefs who are drafting in the top 3. The guaranteed money you will be paying the first quarterback taken is quite a large number. You have to think, is it worth it to pay over $20 million guaranteed to Stafford or Sanchez? They are highly unproven in college let alone the pros.matt_schaub

So, what kind of a contract will Cassel be looking at though; well lets look at a similar one. Two years ago Matt Schaub signed a six-year, $48 million contract with the Texans. At the time Schaub had not won a regular-season game in which he started. He was barely completing 50 percent of his passes attempts.

It seems a team could get a proven guy like Cassel for similar money to what they would have to give the first QB in the draft.

Who is in the position to do this? The Detroit Lions.

The Patriots will not draft in the top 5. No way, no how. The Lions, on top of the first pick, have the 20th pick (from Dallas) in the first round as well. Sounds like exactly what New England will be seeking.

Matt Cassel don’t make plans for Thanksgiving just yet…

No Detroit doesn’t have Adrian Peterson or Scott Pioli but it deos have a rich “history” that’s for sure.


    I dont see how minnesota doesnt do whatever it takes to get cassel. Detriot will play into the mix, but i dont see things working out there as matty would probably much rather sit on the bench and get almost 15 mil to spectate opposed to get 8-10 mil and lay on his back all day. you make a good point w the 2 picks for detriot, i think they should get a left tackle with 1, dude from alabama then try to trade the 20 w the patties…look out for kc though you know scott and bill will help each other out..what about something like a trade with matt for lj and maybe a late round pick??? what are your thoughts fellas??

  • Big Baby Bas

    I think Carolina could be a good fit, too. Fox has to be thinking of upgrading at QB after how their season ended (Delhomme Face?). A rookie would take too long to groom and Cassel could come right in and keep them as a contender. Plus, for Cassel, he’d be walking into another team with very good receiver(s) and a good running game; he could continue to thrive.

    Julius Peppers is probably far fetched, but I’ve heard the Pats are big on a young LB they have named Adam Seward. He only had 8 tackles last year in Carolina’s 43, but is supposedly a great fit for a 34. They could maybe get a 1st round plus Seward as a throw in.

  • wawafan

    I wouldn’t really want Cassell for a first round pick and possibly more. I don’t think he is worth that. I have been reading (obviously rumors) that Minnesota is going to try and get Matt Hasslebeck from Seattle since they want to rebuild. We will see what happens, should be an exciting offseason. Also TJ Houshmandzadeh said he wants to be an Eagle, I would be down with that.

    Have they actually franchised Cassell?

  • wawafan

    nevermind about that question