Chip Caray, Dustin Pedroia star in 'El Caballito: The Little Pony'

If that was the title of a movie it would be complete fiction. Chip Caray last night referred to Dustin Pedroia as “El Caballito.” Carey said, “How many times over the summer when we saw the Red Sox would we hear about ‘el caballito,’ the ‘little pony.’”

What? This never, ever happend. Some clever bastard pulled one over on old Chip when they briefed him before the series. Caray has been doing the MLB on TBS Sunday games all year. That is what he is reffering to when you says “…when we saw the Red Sox…”. However, I can tell you that this never came up more than once as a joke. I would even go as far a to question if this “nickname” came up at all.

There were a number of things to harp on about the tandem of Buck Martinez and Chip Caray but this was by far the funniest.

  • ObsessedWithRory

    This is from Buck Martinez’s blog:

    “Q: I’m a huge fan of Travis ‘Pronk’ Hafner- did you have any nicknames besides Buck when you played? What are you some of your favorite nicknames for guys that are playing now?

    From: Lara Kaczka, Conshohoken, PA

    My nickname in Milwaukee was “Tour Guide” as I always like to get out and visit the sites in the various cities we traveled to. My favorite name of players today in “Caballito” for Dustin Pedroia. The Little Pony. Very approproiate.”

    So Buck is the one that told Caray this crock. Still not confirmation on any truth to this one.

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